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Our digital feeding assistant helps you to feed healthy rations, document them quickly and keep an eye on your economic goals.

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Beef Cattle fodjan Pro

6 good reasons for fodjan

Tiergesundheit fördern

Increase animal health

Futterkosten sparen

Decrease feeding costs 

Save time with automation

Optimize feed conversion

Use self-grown fodder more efficiently

Improve collaboration

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That is fodjan for beef cattle:

Fast maintenance and adaption of rations

  • Add your own feedstuff or use the included database
  • Import feed analysis automatically
  • Feed evaluation based on defined requirements of different fattening stages
  • Using feed more effectively with ration suggestions


fodjan Pro Beef Cattle Ration Assistent


Our partners for feed analyses


LUFA Nordwest Labor

and LKS Saxony

Beef Cattle fodjan Pro Feed Health


Important key figures always at hand

  • Display of expected feed costs and feed health for each ration
  • Retrace previous rations at any time


Bring everything together in one place

  • Work flexibly via tablet or PC
  • Share rations e.g. by e-mail or WhatsApp
  • Invite others to participate, assign access rights and work together
  • Synchronize data on all devices, with all users
Feeding consultant and farmer work together in fodjan


Try it out for yourself

Beef Cattle fodjan Pro

fodjan Pro for beef cattle

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces. As a feed advisor, you can also support several farms.