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“The feed checker: With fodjan, rations can be designed and data can be easily exchanged between farmer and advisor. Feed management can thus be made more transparent for all employees.”

“The presentation of the entire solution space of feeding options also makes the software an attractive tool for daily use by advisors, feed retailers and veterinarians.”

“fodjan helps to plan a healthy yet cost-effective ration for every performance group in the barn without a lot of trial and error.”

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Manufacturer-independent free shaker box app

The German dairy expert magazine”Milchpraxis” reported on the release of our new shaker box logbook in the fodjan app, which was built as part of our Saxon project Feed 4.0.

Feeding controlling in the cloud: fodjan smart feeding

The profi editorial team was with us on a farm that is already using the feed mixer interface and the fodjan app to document feeding and shows how it works and the opportunities it offers. (Article in German)

Pig fattening: Microalgae are on the menu

Find out more about the AlgaPork project, in which we are developing a new way of feeding pigs together with partners like Gicon and Agraset Naundorf.


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