Support farms in feeding like Rebecca Mangels

„fodjan is for all who appreciate a clear ration calculation and want to be close to the farmer“

Rebecca Mangels has been calculating rations with fodjan since 2018. She uses both fodjan Pro to plan the rations on the laptop and the fodjan App when visiting the farms on-site to give her farmers the best possible advice. The fast transfer of data with the laboratory interface as well as the uncomplicated handling when creating rations is an absolute plus for her with fodjan.

Rebecca Mangels

My beginning in fodjan

I have been consulting for two years now and started directly with fodjan. It was easy to get started because many things are self-explanatory. Because of the uncomplicated ration calculation with fodjan I was able to get used to the program quickly and meanwhile, I appreciate the different ways to display the rations.

Planning rations with fodjan

I normally work with several times a week with fodjan to calculate rations. I do this when a farmer calls me, for example, because he wants to start a new silage or when something in the herd doesn’t work as planned. The laboratory interface in fodjan, which allows taking over feed analyses automatically, is very practical here and saves a lot of work. When I have added a new ration, I like to use the ration comparison to see what has changed from the previous ration. This can also be sent to the farmer by e-mail.


All rations in my pocket

I like to use the App when I am about to visit a farm. It allows me to review the most important feeding data of the respective farm quickly without having to open the laptop. So, I have everything I need in my pocket.

Plan rations like Rebecca:

fodjan Pro

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro, you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces and reports. Additionally, as a feed advisor, you can easily manage several farms.