On-site and out of the office – advise farmers like Stefan Neumann

„We don’t have to email back and forth as much as before and we have a common working level“

Stefan Neumann advises farmers in feeding for more than 20 years. Now he works with fodjan for planning and adjustment of rations almost daily. He appreciates the individual adjustability of fodjan for consulting companies, the security of the cloud solution as well as the intuitive work with the program over all.

Stefan Neumann on the visit of one
of his customer farms

Stefan Neumann im Stall

My start into the program

I got to know fodjan on a customer’s farm and I tried it out together. It is now the fifth or sixth feed calculation program I have familiarized myself with. But everything went quite intuitively and the database of feedstuffs was quite good. In addition, we have developed the whole thing further together with fodjan – and these adaptions, the modifications, were very flexible and fast. You always have a contact person and error messages etc. are handled quickly. And that is still the case today.

My routine with fodjan

With fodjan Pro for feed advisors, I always enter the ration planning whenever feeding doesn’t work in that way we wanted, so we are not satisfied with the output (milk yield, diseases, etc.) or when there is a silage change and in general changes of feedstuffs. Changes of feedstuffs through new feed analyses I still enter manually in fodjan (instead of using the automatic interfaces) – in this case, I‘m still a little bit of „old school“. So I can see what has changed directly when I type it in and, in any way, in fodjan the ration already adapts quantitatively directly to these changes.

I use the fodjan App for showing because it is very practical. So you can show the rations on the farm quickly and it actually made me stop printing them because it is also just clearly arranged in fodjan. And when I’m not on-site, I export the PDF printout in fodjan Pro and mail it to the customer.

Stefan Neumann Silage
During his farm visit Stefan Neumann also checks the current quality of the silages

My favorite function?

The PDF export “ration comparison“. Because there you have everything next to each other – old and new ration. That really makes sense when you adjust something and if you want to make a business game, which ration does what.

The second thing I find extremely useful is that fodjan doesn’t take in a feedstuff without costs. So the program trains you to consider the feed costs for the agricultural holdings.

Ration comparison
Example view of the ration comparison in fodjan

Decisive advantages for feed advisors

Definitely the cloud solution. I no longer have an installed program, everything is online and this safety aspect is a very big advantage. What will also increase in the future: the farmer can also take a look in fodjan. We don’t have to email back and forth as much and we had before and we have a common work level. And of course the adaptions to my individual requirements. As a consulting company you can, for example, enter your own feeding model – this is also a decisive advantage.

Safe and synchronous


Individual adaptions

Advise farmers like Stefan:

fodjan Pro for feed advisors

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces. As a feed advisor you can also manage several farms with dairy cows, fattening cattle and pigs.