Delegate and document feeding like Jens Timmermann

„Thanks to the App I now have a healthier ration and save time when documenting – very helpful especially in times of feed shortage“

Jens Timmermann uses fodjan Pro and App for quick ration adjustments and for the cooperation with his trainee and consultant.

100 dairy cows

10000 kg / cow / year


Jens in the barn with his vet
Photo: Agrarheute | Eberstein

„Everything in the App is self-explanatory – an incredible time saver“​

I was looking for an app where you can both support and control the trainee because I am dependent on it that my trainee feeds at certain times and that no coordination difficulties arise, which quickly happens in everyday life. The trainee only opens the App, only goes on „feed now“ and knows exactly, this group gets this and that feedstuff with this amount.“

That’s what we achieved with fodjan


Increased feeding accuracy

Increasing milk yield

Stable cow health

Saving of time during cooperation

How long did it take for you and your trainee to become acquainted with fodjan?

Well, if you just start with the App and leave out all this feed controlling, but just enter the amounts, it’s relatively quick. I use it very extensively, actually, not everybody has to do that. Even somebody who doesn’t know so much about technology will get it done quickly, I think, after one week at the latest.

Cooperation with the feeding consultant

From the point of view of feed planning and traceability, this is a simplification – especially in times of feed shortage I find it very helpful.

With the App and sometimes afterward in fodjan Pro I update all rations in cooperation with my consultant. To adjust a ration in the App – that takes only two minutes and I have a new ration.

​I think that makes sense because you can see right away from the rations, when you start which pile. Due to the daily documentation of  the fed amounts with the App, you also have the advantage that you can see , I have fed 50 t maize in the last 4 weeks‘. In fodjan Pro it also warns you when stocks of feedingstuffs are running short.

​You also need it for QM, they want the fed rations. QM and also the dairies certification program – they also want to have the current ration.“

Feed analyses automatically in the App

I just got an app notification „New feedstuff“ and then the new grass silage was already in.

This is also a really big practical advantage. You just print out a piece of paper and send it away with the sample or the consultant does that and then it is automatically uploaded into fodjan. Everything is entered, no more transmission errors. As a farmer or consultant, you don’t have to enter the data yourself.​

What was the biggest success with fodjan so far?

With the App, I now have a much healthier ration. You become aware of it by the consistency of the feces. I now have a very continuous feed consistency, I have few fluctuations and I also notice it in the ruminating activity, which the robot measures.

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