Feed more precisely and reduce residual feed like Lukas Hahn

“We wanted a system that moves away from pieces of paper and interfaces with the feed mixing technology.

For us, the most impressive thing about the fodjan system is that it compares with reality. In other words, you don’t just calculate, put a piece of paper on the mixing wagon and then feed it, but you really document what has actually been loaded into the mixing wagon and then compare it with what has come out of the tank.

125 Dairy cows

32 kg / cow / day

Bavaria, Germany

Lukas Hahn on his farm in the Bavarian Rhoen Mountains

Our introduction to fodjan: Communicate more easily with the consultant

We came to fodjan through our consultant. He offered that we could use it to improve our feeding controlling and that the communication would then run via the platform. Before, we sent many rations back and forth by mail and it was always difficult to put them side by side. This is simply faster because you have a platform that both can access. So we slowly got to work together. And the first impression was already good, because everything that could come out with the evaluations in fodjan etc. is relatively simple in comparison to other feeding programs, I think.

From the fodjan app to automatic documentation

We initially made the entries via actually loaded quantities in the fodjan app. Now we are considering purchasing new mixing technology and are therefore testing the fodjan feed mixing technology interface. If it works and the entries are made in a standardized way in the workflow, then it will also be done and the documentation will be there. In addition, we have all the rations on the mixing wagon with the interface. Then we know exactly what went into the mixing trolley and have one less uncertainty factor in feeding – and that’s worth a lot!

Most helpful for us: Reduce residual fodder

With fodjan, we are now trying to reduce the food residues a bit. We didn’t manage that so well before. In the meantime, we get by with 300-400 kg of leftover feed, where we used to have a tonne. So we have partly produced more leftover feed than we should have due to feeding inaccuracies. And because we can adjust the feeding with fodjan and the feed mixing technology to the exact hour and animal, it now fits better. This also makes the work easier, it is more clever from the point of view of the whole operation, because we then also have to spend less time clearing away leftover feed.

Try it out for yourself:

fodjan Pro EN dairy cow

fodjan Pro

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro, you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces. As a feed advisor you can also manage several farms with dairy cows, fattening cattle, and pigs.