Feeding well under control – Efficiently maintaining high performance like Thomas Wirth

“I do the fine tuning with fodjan for my 1,600 cows”.

Thomas Wirth uses fodjan for ration planning and feed range planning as well as for cooperation with the feeding advisor. This has enabled him not only to maintain milk yield at a high level, but also to sustainably reduce feed costs.

1,600 dairy cows

11500 kg / cow / year

Saxony, Germany

Thomas from Leubsdorf

Our entry into fodjan

“fodjan has taken away our fear of doing something online – because it simply works. We had another ration program before, which is too complicated in practical terms for a farm that doesn’t always deal with it. In contrast, fodjan is clearly structured and editing is quite intuitive. With other feeding programs you always have to get used to it first and then you usually forget it after a week – with fodjan it’s more intuitive and you get used to it step by step.

Our work routine with fodjan

We use fodjan primarily for ration calculation, for feed planning and for feed range planning – how long will I get with what, how much can I use so that I stay within my contracts and so on.

For this purpose, we regularly do an analysis of the basic feedstuffs every 14 days. This is then automatically transferred to fodjan via the interface. And if something changes, we recalculate the rations with fodjan. We also do this if we have to make adjustments because stocks are insufficient or a silo runs out, etc. We do this every 14 days ourselves. Between the 14 days, we take dry matter samples ourselves and adjust them in fodjan if necessary.

The Feeding House

“With the same milk yield, we have saved quite a bit in feed costs.”

We experimented more and got a lot of bells and whistles out of the rations, special feeds, etc. With the same milk yield, we have saved a lot in feed costs.

This has also made us much more concerned with the limits for feed quantities in the ration and we have used our own feeds in the best possible way. Most recently, we have also dealt with ADF and NDF and kept an eye on that and looked at how the cows react to it.

“fodjan helps to deal with the complex issue of feeding and it is relatively easy to get to grips with. After all, it’s about 50% of the costs that are in feeding alone.”

The fodjan app in the stable,
fodjan Pro in the office

I use the app especially when, for example, the feeding advisor is there and you have a question or want to quickly look something up. For calculating rations, however, we use fodjan Pro on the PC or laptop, because you can go into more depth there. Otherwise, our advisor also has access to fodjan and checks the calculated rations again.

Try it out for yourself:

fodjan Pro EN dairy cow

fodjan Pro

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro, you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces. As a feed advisor you can also manage several farms with dairy cows, fattening cattle, and pigs.