Interface feed mixing technology

Where planned and real feeding meet

Data evaluation should be easy to handle for advisers and farms. That is why we are continuously working on expanding our interfaces for you.

With our new interface for feed mixing technology, we support you in controlling feeding and milk production on your farm even more precisely.


The connection of further manufacturers is already planned.
Your manufacturer is not listed?

The fed amounts can also be entered in the fodjan App and then monitored in your documentation.

Feeding program & mixing technology combined

A connection that enables a lot:

  • Plan feedstuff ranges more accurately
  • Feed more precisely and save e.g., residual feed
  • Reduce feed costs and increase feed efficiency
  • Achieve your objectives in milk yield
  • Collaboration between farmers, feeders and advisers in one system
  • Less paperwork

How does the link between feeding program and mixing technology work?

1. Simply transfer planned rations in fodjan to scales or mixer wagons via USB or WLAN

2. Feed as usual and import back regularly: Automatic takeover into your documentation

3. Intelligent evaluations e.g., on consumption, feeding accuracy, feed efficiency, costs, milk report

Simply continue to use data: Automatic documentation

The documentation automatically takes over the information from the mixer-wagon, which can be supplemented by manual inputs around milk production, feeding and livestock – figures that then flow into your evaluations.

  • Milk yield and milk price
  • Provided feed
  • Residuals on the feed table
  • Dry matter content of mixed ration
  • Consumption at concentrate feeder
  • Number of animals and lactation day (average)

Green values are data from the mixer wagon and can be accepted or adjusted with a click

Clear evaluations for feeding and milk yield

From the documentation and the planning data, fodjan automatically generates concise graphical evaluations for your farm. These can be used to derive implications for the own farm, thus closing the loop back to planning:

  • Milk report
  • Milk quality
  • Feeding accuracy and feed consumption
  • Feed controlling (feed intake, costs, feed efficiency, etc.)

Insights into documentation and evaluations


View: Documentation Overview
Quick view of the current figures. From here you can click into individual documentation pages.


View: Documentation Feed template
Weekly view with date selection, all feedings per animal group


View: Feed controlling Feed intake
Date selection with curves for feed efficiency and milk yield

App - Futteraufnahme

View: fodjan app feed intake (only for fodjan Pro users)


View: Feed controlling Feed efficiency
Date selection with feed efficiency and milk yield curves

Auswertungen - Mischgenauigkeit

View: Evaluation of mixing accuracy & feed consumption
Weekly view of the fed amount of all components per group incl. deviation (mixing accuracy). Is fed from feed mixing technology interface or "Feed now" function of the app.

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Try it out for yourself:

fodjan Pro EN dairy cow

fodjan Pro

The all-inclusive package

With fodjan Pro, you can plan rations more comprehensively and use all interfaces. As a feed advisor you can also manage several farms with dairy cows, fattening cattle, and pigs.