Better management of feed contracts and reach of self-harvested farm feeds

  • Will the farm’s harvested grass silage last until next year?
  • Is the rapeseed meal contract being used up too early?

In the Feed 4.0 research project, fodjan and several partners have found that there is often an asymmetry of information between traders, farms and feed consultants about

  • what is in stock on the farm,
  • is actually being consumed
  • and soon used up / will be needed

That is why we have developed a tool that answers these and many more questions quickly and on the basis of just a few inputs in order to better manage the farm’s own and purchased feed per farm and to plan purchasing decisions more intelligently in advance.

This video shows what the tool can do:

To wrap it up:

Contract management extends the possibilities for feed management in fodjan and offers the following functions:

  • View and plan feed contracts and other purchased/produced feed quantities in the present, past and future
  • View consumed/delivered feed quantities from a contract and take countermeasures in good time by purchasing or in ration planning
  • Manage the current stock of a feed across several contracts
  • By linking with ration planning, you can directly see the effects of a new ration on consumption, contracts and feed range.
  • Receive warnings if there is a feed shortage in the next 4 weeks according to the consumption forecast or if the storage capacity is exceeded
  • Manage and plan deliveries
  • Possibility for inventory entry of quantities

Contract management can also be used in a different way, for example to monitor the consumption of the farm’s own premixes and self-harvested feed quantities and to forecast their range.

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