App novelty for farmers – fodjan presents App for mobile feeding management

fodjan publishes a market novelty: an app that gives the farmer a quick and easy overview of his feed management as well as the health, profitability and performance of the current feed ration. For the time being, the app is only designed for dairy cows; other animal species such as fattening pigs and cattle will follow by the end of the year.

The app is particularly tasty with the promise to improve feeding within 5 minutes. Through convenient functions such as the integration of feed analyses, the app quickly becomes your own virtual operation with individual tips for improvement. Supplemented with feeding news from the in-house blog, it is no longer difficult to be up to date and to move a lot even with small changes.

fodjan is dedicated to digitization in agriculture and wants to make the work of farmers and feed advisors easier: “We live in a networked world – the robot has long since weighed the cow and measured values before a human enters the barn. I see this as a great opportunity, because the consultant does not have to spend a long time recording the actual situation, but can start directly with solving the problem. And the farmer benefits from more transparency in feeding. So we still have a lot to do with the app,” says Carsten Gieseler, founder of fodjan.

About fodjan – fodjan GmbH was founded in September 2014 in Dresden with the aim to transfer feed management into the digital age. fodjan smart feeding is the first feeding program that offers a networked solution and focuses on profitability and animal health. The mission: To make every farmer more successful by giving him access to digitalization.