New milk control analysis – From feedstuff and feeding to milk yield

Proper feeding is one of the main factors for milk yield, milk quality, and animal health. The milk control provides important control data on the current metabolic situation and nutrient supply of the herd. To combine ration design and feed controlling, fodjan provides a platform that brings together all feeding-relevant data in one place.

If you import your milk report with the fodjan app, the software automatically generates an evaluation of the energy and protein supply from the individual animal data. In addition, the data can be easily filtered by lactation day, giving you a quick overview of the supply situation of fresh milking cows, for example. Further data evaluations are planned for the course of the summer.

Further interfaces in fodjan are possible e.g. to the feed mixer, feed laboratory and employees or the feeding consultant. These facilitate exchange and cooperation. The web-based software also ensures that all data is always up-to-date for all parties involved. Data security has the highest priority at fodjan with the philosophy “The farmer should be and remain master of his data”.

About fodjan: To transfer feed management into the digital age is the big goal of fodjan. The core of fodjan smart feeding is the ration calculation, with which you can focus on animal health, profitability and performance at the same time and optimize them according to your goals. This helps to react quickly to feed and market situations. More than 200,000 animals are already being fed with fodjan, and this figure has now been increased to include pigs and cattle for fattening, with an upward trend. More about this on or at the EuroTier stand of fodjan.