New animal species on fodjan: Pigs and beef cattle move in.

More than 180,000 animals have already been successfully fed with rations from the feed management software fodjan – with an upward trend, as the program is now also available for fattening cattle and pigs. “Structural change, rising feed costs and falling sales prices make it necessary to recalculate rations, keep track of data and improve feed efficiency in fattening cattle farming,” says fodjan co-founder Carsten Gieseler.

Taking into account different phase models of feeding, fattening cattle and pig farmers can now also calculate their rations with fodjan Pro, maintain feed stocks and use interfaces e.g. to feed laboratories, feed mixing technology and consultants. According to fodjan, the adaptation of the fodjan app to these animal species will follow until summer 2018. fodjan Pro can be tested with all functions for 2 weeks free of charge.

With the goal of bringing feed management into the digital age, fodjan has become a technology leader in recent years. fodjan smart feeding offers a networked solution and focuses on economy and animal health. The mission: To make every farmer and farm more successful by providing access to digitalization.