Buy and trade feed in fodjan [BETA]

This function is available for all fodjan companies, but only users with licenses that include feed processing rights have access.

With the menu item “Offers” in the main menu item “Feedstuffs” of fodjan, fodjan offers for the first time the possibility of a feed exchange and trade market.

  • As a farm, you can post feed quantities for sale to other farms.
  • As a farm and advisor, you can also see what feed is available for your farm and keep an eye on price trends.
  • As a trader, you can post feed for trading to farms in your sales area.
  • As a trader, you also have the option of automating the posting of your offers via fodjan and forwarding orders directly to your system for processing. If you are interested, please contact

In the future, it is conceivable that you will be able to test the feed on offer directly in your own ration in order to know how the feed and its quality would affect the performance of the ration, the health of the animals etc. before you buy.

Seeing and using offers:

  • If you use the function outside the trading hours of some retailers, there is an option for a free reminder call. You will then be informed when the feed you are looking for is available again and at what price.
  • There is also a “recommend trader” function for the dealers you would like to see in fodjan.

Posting offers:

  • The flexible entry of regions when creating offers is possible by filling in zip codes with asterisks, e.g. 0**** for the greater Saxony area in Germany.
  • When creating offers, the copy function helps you to quickly create several offers without having to type in all fields again and again
  • Quick overview of your own offers divided into active, planned and expired/inactive.

The fodjan support team is available at any time by e-mail to for questions, problems and feedback.

We therefore look forward to receiving your feedback, requests for further development of the function and more by e-mail to


Is your question not answered here? Please write to us at

When creating offers, you can choose between company and retailer for the offer type to mark your offer accordingly. If you want to post as a dealer but cannot select the “Dealer” offer type, please send us an e-mail to

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