Ration catalogue: Have alternative feeds suggested

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In the fodjan Pro ration catalogue you can not only find possible combinations of your feeds that are currently in your ration, but also have alternative feeds suggested. The feed suggestions come from the activated database and your feed stock.

How to get suggestions for alternative feeds

Open the ration catalogue (Rations > New calculation) and follow the instructions until you reach the step “Select feed”.

Go to “Suggestions” in the top right of the table. The small yellow number in the top right corner indicates how many suggestions fodjan has for you.

Depending on whether you have created a feeding station or not, you will now see how many feed suggestions are made for the feeding station and the feeding table (yellow number in the respective category).

In the following view, you can include the corresponding feed in the calculation by clicking on the star symbol (right).

For feedstuffs that are not yet in your stock, you must enter the price in €/ t FM on the left before you can include the feedstuff in the calculation.

Note: Feed that is not yet in your stock is additionally marked with the crossed-out barn symbol:

However, such feed is not automatically included in the stock. You should do this manually after selecting the desired ration from the ration catalogue, more on this here.


If you plan a feeding start for the ration from the ration catalogue, you can see the feeds thus included in the calculation under the feeds in your feed stock. There they are marked with the following note: “The following feedstuffs must be purchased:”.

You can then add the feed to your feed stock via the stock symbol.

In this way you can also include several suggested feeds in the calculation. More on how the ration catalogue works here.


Once you have selected a suggestion, you will be taken back to the overview view of the suggestion page. You can now select further proposals for calculation or go to “Calculate ration catalogue” at the top right.

  • If the button “Calculate ration catalogue” is greyed out, read our help article Ration catalogue: What to do if no ration suggestions are displayed?
  • It is possible that a note will appear on the right that it is not possible to calculate a healthy ration. In this turn, you will also be shown an extract of the feed health assessment under the suggested feeds.

If the values displayed below under “The following requirements prevent a healthier ration” are all 0, the corresponding values are either within the limits of your feed model and your self-set requirements and limits or these values are switched off in the feed model.

For the further procedure, also read here.

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