Ration catalogue: What to do if no ration suggestions are displayed?

It may be that no ration suggestions are displayed in the ration catalogue. In this help article we will help you to understand the causes and to solve them quickly.

If no calculation of ration suggestions is possible, then, for example, a field with notes is already displayed on the right in the step “Selection of feedstuffs”.

Here is an example view:

and the button “Calculate ration catalogue” is greyed out:

In the following we will help you to find the cause of this and to solve the problem quickly.

First of all, the mentioned field “Results preview” will help you with hints. The following hints may appear as error messages in the right yellow field (see above).

If you have set feed limits that are too narrow, it may not be possible to calculate healthy rations. You can then, for example, adjust the selection of feedstuffs (select or deselect with the star symbol) or adjust the feedstuff limits yourself.

The quick overview of the feed group settings directly in the ration catalogue can help you with this.

Example view (name of the feed group: “TS II_2”):

or select and deselect feed with the star symbol:

Note: If the star symbol appears yellow, the feed is selected, if it appears colourless/white, it is deselected.

If the button “Calculate ration catalogue” appears in green, you can click on it to calculate the ration catalogue. For the rest of the procedure, read on here.

A calculation of healthy rations is not possible, for example, if the requirements for your ration have been chosen too narrowly. This consequently refers to the nutrient requirements you have set in your feed group. To counteract this, it is best to check which requirements are not being met. There are several options for this:

Quick look into the feed group settings

The quick overview of the feed group settings directly in the ration catalogue can help you to do this. To do this, click on the button ” ‘Name of your group’ ” at the top right.

Example view (name of the feed group: “TS II_2”):

A view opens with

In addition, it is indicated how many requirements and feed limits originate from you and how many from the feed model.

Notes from the “Current ration” button

The button “Current ration” right next to the one for the feed group provides you with even more information. In the upper part of the following view you will see your current ration, in the lower part you will see the deviations from the ingredient requirements.

You can conclude from this which feeds may still have to be added (via the star symbol) or which parameters in the feed group settings or in the ingredient requirements may have to be adjusted.

If you don’t adjust requirements

If you do not want to adjust your requirements, try adjusting the selection of feeds by selecting and deselecting feeds accordingly with the star symbol in the ration catalogue (Select feed step).

For beginners: Adjusting requirements with the assistant

If you do not want to change too many requirements manually, but still want to have ration suggestions displayed, we recommend using the assistant. If necessary, it expands the limits (requirements, feed limits, feed group settings) with your consent and thus enables ration suggestions. If you then select “Ration catalogue (individual)” for the ration suggestions, you can also return to the ration catalogue.

For professionals: Adjusting requirements manually

To do this, go out of the ration catalogue or open the ration overview in a new window or browser tab. Then open your ration and go to the tab “Ration sheet” and take a screenshot of it.

Now go to the corresponding feed group via the main menu “Animal groups”. Place your screenshot from just now next to your feed group settings – the master data, as well as the other tabs with requirements for ingredients and minerals.

Then you can better see which points are the limiting factors. If necessary, make adjustments in your feed group settings.

If the button “Calculate ration catalogue” appears in green, you can click on it to calculate the ration catalogue. For the further procedure, read on here.

If the yellow field displays this message, you can simply add further suitable feeds to the calculation. To do this, click on the star symbol for the desired feed in the corresponding column (feed table, feed station, mineral feed).

You can also have fodjan suggest alternative feeds, more on this here.

If the button “Calculate ration catalogue” appears in green, you can click on it to calculate the ration catalogue. You can read more about the further procedure here.

Example view when you go from the assistant via “Individual calculation” to the ration catalogue:

This message appears if all display filters have been removed from the ration catalogue or if no display filters are activated. To add some again, click on one of the symbols at the top right next to “Display filters”.

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