Adapting performance and conservation demands

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Here we would like to show you how and where you can adjust various parameters of the conservation and performance requirements / demands. Before, we recommend reading our help article “Mastering feed group settings” in advance.

Conservation and performance needs and how the settings affect fodjan

The animal’s need for certain nutrients is calculated from 2 points: the conservation need and the performance need.

  • The conservation requirement is calculated from the live mass. You can set the average live mass of your feed groups in the feed group settings (see here: Mastering feed group settings).
  • The performance requirement of the groups is determined by the “performance” that the respective group should provide, be it milk or body mass gain. The following parameters have an influence on the performance requirement of the groupsTierart
  • Animal category
  • Fattening phase
  • Daily gains
  • Milk ingredients (milk protein, milk fat)
  • Milk quantity
  • etc.

According to these needs, fodjan evaluates e.g. an over- or undersupply of your animals in the feed health assessment. More about feed health here.

These values are also used as a basis for ration optimisation. In the case of milk yield (dairy cow), the range specified in the master data is used as the basis; if a feeding station has been created, the yield specified here is also taken into account. This means that the total milk yield is the sum of the min or max milk yields from the feeding table and the min or max milk yields from the feeding station and is assumed to be the required power demand corridor to be covered. Within this corridor, for example, the coverage of energy and protein requirements can be optimised.

Adapt demands in fodjan

Settings for the demand parameters of your animals can be found in 2 places in fodjan.

  1. To do this, go to “Animal groups” in the menu on the left.
  2. Move the mouse over the desired feed group and click on the button “Edit”.
  1. Here you can now make specific settings for the group in general and for the feeding table and feeding stations of the group that influence the performance. More details about the settings here.

The ingredient requirements for a certain performance level of a feed group are determined according to the feed model.

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