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Feed analyses in fodjan

In fodjan you can

  • have the feed analyses of your laboratory imported automatically,
  • save them as feedstuffs
  • and use them in your rations.

This eliminates the manual typing of analysis results and you have an immediate overview of your most recent feed analyses.

Attention: In order for the feed analyses of a laboratory to be automatically displayed in fodjan, the interface to the corresponding laboratory must first be set up. Read more about setting up the interface here.

Enter feed analyses without interface: If you do not want to or cannot set up the laboratory interface (e.g. if your laboratory does not have an interface to us), feed from analyses can be entered manually into the inventory. Read more here.

If the interface to the laboratory is successfully set up, your laboratory sends the analysis results to fodjan and you appear in your fodjan account a short time later. If a new feed analysis is available, you will receive the following if notifications are activated

Go to Feedstuffs > Feed analyses in the left menu. New and current feed analyses with ingredients are displayed here in a list:

You can then decide whether these

Your analysis is then transferred to the feed stock and you can, if you wish, archive or delete the original analysis under Feedstuffs > Feed Analyses. You will learn how this works in the following section.

Feed analyses can also be deleted via the corresponding symbol (red cross).

Don’t worry: If you have already taken over your analysis as feedstuff in the stock, this feedstuff will not be deleted as well.

Deleted feed analyses are first stored in the archive (just as happens with feed). You can also call up the archive under Feedstuffs > Feed analyses (second tab).

All archived feed analyses then appear in a list.

To recover a feed analysis, click on the green box symbol in the archive.

In the app you will find the feed analyses as follows:

  1. Go to Feedstuffs in the menu below.
  1. Click on the button “Feed analyses” at the top.

If new feed analyses are available, this button turns red.

  1. When you click on the button, your linked laboratories appear at the top and the feed analyses at the bottom.

You can now add the feed analysis to your inventory as a new feed or overwrite an old one with it. Learn more about this here.

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