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Set up laboratory interface

With the interface to your laboratory, you can have your feed analyses automatically imported into fodjan and thus save manual typing. However, you still have the option of manual input (see here).

Which laboratories have an interface to fodjan?

At the moment, interfaces to the following laboratories or testing institutes are available:

  • LKV Saxony
  • eurofins Agro GER + NL
  • SGS Analytics (formerly SYNLAB)
  • LKV BB
  • LUFA Nordwest, Rostock, Speyer and NRW
  • nutriopt sensor
  • LWK Niederösterreich (Austria): Futtermittellabor Rosenau

We are constantly working on expanding our interfaces for you – so stay tuned.

Setting up the laboratory interface in fodjan

You can set up the lab interface in fodjan Pro and in the fodjan App (free and Premium).

The basic principle of activation is always the same:

  • You activate the interface in fodjan, then fodjan knows, when files with your customer number are received, that they have to be assigned to your fodjan farm.
  • Use, for example, the fodjan sample information form so that the laboratory knows that your data should be forwarded to fodjan.

You will find detailed instructions below:

Setting up the interface:
  1. In the left menu, go to Administration > Interfaces.
  2. On the left you will see the category Laboratory Interfaces. Click here on the laboratory for which you want to activate an interface.
  1. Enter the customer number of your laboratory in the “Customer number” field. You will find this, for example, on previous analyses or invoices.

Note: This input is not required for all examination institutions. Therefore, pay particular attention to the instructions on the interface page in fodjan Pro.

  1. Go to the “Activate” button.
Using the interface:

In order to receive the analyses directly in fodjan, you can use the prefabricated sample information form in fodjan. A copy of all your analyses is then sent directly from the laboratory to, so that we can then import them to your farm under “Feed analyses”.

You can find the sample information form here:

  1. Go to Feedstuffs > Feed Analyses in the left menu.
  2. Click on the button “Sample information form” in the upper right corner.
  1. Select the feed laboratory for which you want to fill in the sample submission form. Click on the corresponding button here.
  2. Open or download the sample submission form. Fill it out like any other sample submission form. At the top, is automatically entered as the copy recipient.

Your analyses are then automatically imported into fodjan.

Setting up the interface:
  1. Go to Administration in the bottom menu.
  1. Go to “Interfaces”.
  1. Now click on “Feed analyses”.
  2. Click on “Link laboratory” at the top and select the desired laboratory.
  3. Follow the instructions. You can now register e.g. as a copy recipient for your analyses with your laboratory by using the ready-made e-mail. To do this, click on “Use ready-made e-mail”.
Using the interface:

Directly in the interface setup, you will be offered the download of the sample submission form at the end. However, you can also retrieve this at any time later:

  1. Go to Administration in the bottom menu.
  1. Then go to “Interfaces” and click on “Feed analyses”.
  2. Click on the laboratory for which you want to download the sample information form.
  3. Now click on “Download sample information form”.

You can read more about feed analyses in fodjan in our advanced help articles:

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