Introduction: Documentation in fodjan

Required: fodjan for dairy cows (App, Premium App or Pro).

Recommendation: Set up your farm first before you start with the documentation, as e.g. interface data can partly be added to your documentation automatically and thus save you work. You can read our starters guide here.

In fodjan Pro and App, data on milk, feed and livestock can be documented. Depending on which product package you use, these are also synchronised between fodjan Pro and App as well as between your users invited to the farm. In this article we want to show you which documentations are possible in fodjan and how the documentation is structured in fodjan.

Required rights: Write rights, owner or admin.

In fodjan Pro there is an overview page for your documentation and sub-pages for milk, feeding and livestock.

Overview page

Go to Documentation > Overview in the left menu. Here you have an overview of all current values in the documentation.

A tile is structured as follows:

Next to this general overview you have the subpages.

Structure of the subpages of the documentation

If you select Milk, Feed or Livestock in the left menu under Documentation in fodjan Pro, an input table appears in each case. The following applies to the input table:

  • The input table covers one week, and it also provides a view of the last value of the previous week and the first value of the following week.

Example: Week from 19.11.-25.11.2020

  • The start or end date can be changed at the top left of the table, and the other value is calculated from it.

Example: Enter 25.11.2020 as end date -> start date 19.11.2020 will be added automatically

  • Data can also be entered for a period instead of per day.

If data is entered for a period, the value for the individual days is calculated from the total. Example: Feed supply from 06.11.-12.11. is 36,400 kg for the entire herd. 36,400 kg : 7 days = 5,200 kg/ day

Note: Any start and end date can be selected for the period. The maximum end date that can be selected is today’s date.

  • Values can usually be entered at herd or group level
  • Values entered manually or already confirmed appear black. Values that have been documented in the app also appear black in the Pro.
  • Automatic forward projection appear grey. Forward projection means that the last documented value is automatically adopted for all days up to today’s date. More on this in Documentation of s milk, feeding and livestock.
  • Calculated totals are displayed in grey and bold (e.g. totals of several feedings per day). More on this in documentation of feeding.
  • If there is no documentation or update, the fields remain empty.

Required rights: no special rights, as all app rights include the docu-right. More on this in the user administration topic.

In the menu at the bottom, go to Reports. Then click on Documentation at the top. Alternatively, you can also access the documentation via the quick access on the overview page of the app.

The following values can be documented:

All values for milk, feed and livestock can be documented manually. To do so, click on the key figure you want to change. In the following we give you some general information on documentation.

You can also view a diagram showing the course of the documented values for most values on the respective page.

  • To do this, go to the respective value.
  • Click on “Show diagram” at the bottom.

Milk price, number of animals and Ø lactation day cannot be displayed in this way.

Documentation per day or over a period of time

Some values can be documented either for a period of time or for a specific day.

Example view from the app:

If data are entered for a period of time, the value for the individual day is calculated from the total. Example: Feed supply from 06.11.-12.11. is 63,400 kg for the entire herd. 63,400 kg : 7 days = 5,200 kg/ day

Note: Any start and end date can be selected for the period. The maximum end date that can be selected is today’s date.

Some values can also be documented only per day.

Documentation on herd or group level

Most values can be documented either for the entire herd or per group. If the values are documented at herd level, no individual values are calculated for the groups.

Example view from the app:

Specialty feed provision

The values for the feed provision can not only come from manual documentation, but also from the values of “Feed now” (more on this here). Data can also come automatically from interfaces, e.g. to the feed mixing technology – however, to set this up and to see the data in the app, you need a fodjan Pro licence.

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