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Page “Feed model” in fodjan Pro explained

After we have explained the basics of the feed model and the feed database here, we will go into detail about the page “Feed model” in fodjan Pro, its structure and its handling.

What do the settings in the feeding model influence?

The page “Feed model” gives you the possibility to individualise fodjan for your farm, because the settings on this page are especially worthwhile for advanced fodjan users. Here it is often also worthwhile to work on it together with the feeding advisor and veterinarian.

The settings in the feed model are important for the evaluation and optimisation of rations. Please also read the following help articles:

On the feed model page you just select the nutrients – but the associated limits per each nutrient you set here in the feed groups.

Structure and functions on the “Feed model” page

The page “Feed model” gives you first of all an overview of your selected feed model. At the very top left of the page you can see which feed model is set for this farm.

If you click on it, you can change the feed model for your farm.

Attention! If you change your feed model, the feed groups already created are no longer up to date. Only newly created feed groups work with the new feed model. Update the older groups accordingly.

Below you find the table with the ingredients. The category “Requirements” is automatically selected at the top. You can choose between the categories “Requirements” and “Minerals”.

The table is also divided into different sections. One section covers one nutrient group.

There are the following nutrient groups:

Under requirements:

  • Energy
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Structure
  • Other

Under minerals:

  • Vitamins
  • Quantitative elements
  • Trace elements
How is the table of nutrients structured?

Column: Flag symbol

This symbol is indicated with the ingredients that belong to the basic setting of your feed model.

Columns: Use and Reset

In the column “Use” the short name of the ingredient is given, which is then also indicated in the rations (e.g. in the ration overview or on the printouts of the ration).

In the reset column, the reset symbol appears grey for ingredients that have been taken over unchanged from the feed model.

If you have added additional ingredients or have not used (deselected) preset ingredients, the reset symbol appears in red. By clicking on it, you can restore the default setting.

You can find out more about changing ingredients here.

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