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Feed model and databases in fodjan

Note: Feed model and databases can only be set specifically with fodjan Pro. In the app, both elements are set according to the selected country in the app onboarding process.

Feed model and databases as important basic settings

One feed model and several feed databases can be set for each farm. Both are basic settings for your farm in fodjan, as they have an effect in particular on ration evaluation functions such as the feed health display as well as on the ration suggestions of the optimisation functions in fodjan. Therefore, we will show you here step by step what these two important settings are all about.

The start in fodjan – working with the preset

When you register with fodjan, the feed model and feed databases are initially preset for your country specified in the onboarding process. You can work very well with these presets in fodjan and keep them as default settings. More important in getting started in fodjan are other settings – learn more about them here: First steps in fodjan – our recommendations

As a feed adviser, you can also set different feed models and feed databases on different farms. In addition, there is the option of having your own feed model or feed database installed by fodjan for a fee. More about our Business solutions

The feed model contains the ration evaluation rule of a specific region, e.g. a country. Therefore, only one model can be activated per farm. It specifies which ingredient requirements e.g. certain lactation stages or fattening phases have and how certain ingredient concentrations in a ration are to be evaluated from an animal health point of view. In this way, you can also use the feed model to set which ingredients are displayed in your ration overview, for example. To change the displayed ingredients of the feed model, read here.

The following feed models are currently available for dairy cows:

  • fodjan dairy cow DE
  • fodjan dairycow US (beta)
  • fodjan dairy cow CH
  • fodjan dairy cow NL

The following feed model is currently available for pigs:

  • fodjan pig DE

The following feed model is currently available for beef cattle:

  • fodjan beef cattle DE

The various feed databases in fodjan contain a number of feeds for which average ingredients are already stored. Therefore, you can also activate several databases here.

With the help of the feed database, you can quickly add feed to your stock and work with it in your rations without having to have precise ingredient values for everything yourself, e.g. from feed analyses in the laboratory.

Our recommendation: As these are only average values, they may deviate from the conditions on your farm. Therefore we recommend, especially with regard to feed health assessment and ration optimisation with fodjan, to adapt the feedstuffs to your own values or to use the feed analysis interface.

For dairy cows, the following feed databases are currently available:

  • fodjan feed database dairy cow
  • Feedingdatabase dairy cow for Germany (LKS)
  • LKV Saxony Feeding database English
  • fodjan Feeding database US (beta)
  • fodjan feed database CH (beta)
  • fodjan feed database dairy cow NL
  • CVB Netherlands Feeding database

The following feed databases are currently available for pigs:

  • fodjan feed database pigs
  • Gruber feed table pigs (without pcv amino acids)

The following feed database is currently available for beef cattle:

  • Gruber Feed Table Beef Cattle

Note: The feed databases contain feeds in a specific language. However, when changing the language in fodjan Pro or the app, they will not be translated into any other language.

If you select the feed model of a certain country, it is advisable to also select the feed database of the corresponding country, as the same or similar ingredients are contained. If you select a feed database of another country for the feed model of one country, the ingredients may not match.

However, you can activate a feed database of another country in addition to those of your country to have more feeds in the database. However, this will duplicate feeds and again not all ingredients will be displayed.

You can adapt the feed model or the databases at any time.

Attention! If you change your feed model, the feed groups already created are no longer valid and are shown as “inactive”. Only newly created feed groups work with the new feed model.

For the feed database, go to Administration > Interfaces in the left-hand menu and scroll down to “Other interfaces” or go to Administration > Feed Model for the feed model.

For the feed model: Choose the right model for you from the dropdown. Then click on it on the right side and

press the “Activate” button.

You can find out how to adjust the displayed ingredients in the ration e.g. with the feed model but also other settings here.

Here you will find further articles on the individual pages Feed Model and Feed Database.

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