Edit and replace feedstuffs and document changes transparently

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If you have not yet created a feed, read on here first: Create feed.

The adjustment of feed prices, ingredients or dry matter content are indispensable for the actuality of a ration. This allows you to view your key figures on feed health, IOFC, etc. at any time and thus control your feeding even better. Ration price changes can be easily viewed from this, for example, on the “Planning” page in the ration calendar.

In this article we will show you how you can clearly document your changes in the ration overview and your feed stock and make them traceable.

Note: When editing a feed, the previous status of the feed is automatically recorded in the feed archive for later reference, and the new status is saved in the stock. In rations without a feeding date or past rations keep their status of the feed. This is then displayed in grey. You can find out more about the feed archive here.

You can do this manually or use our laboratory interface. You can read more about this here.

If you want to update your rations quickly, e.g. for dry matter adjustments etc., this guide is your best tool.

More information on the terms “current ration” and “future ration” can be found here.

  1. Go to Feedstuffs > Stock.
  2. In the feed, go to the pencil icon.

Note: If you click on the eye icon, you can view the feed in detail, but you cannot edit it.

  1. Enter your desired changes here. Below Via the buttons “Edit dry matter” and “Edit fresh matter” you can additionally adjust the ingredients.
  1. Click the “Save” button at the bottom.

The edited feed is now in your stock.

Adjust quantity, price and dry matter
  1. Press and hold the feed you want to edit until a red and a green button appear on the right.
  2. Go to the green button “Edit”.
  1. Change the desired data and go to “Save”.
Adjust ingredients
  1. In your stock overview, click on the feed whose ingredients you want to adjust.
  2. Edit the ingredients by clicking on the pencil symbol or directly on the ingredient.

Then click on “Save”.

What happens when replacing a feedstuff?

Replacing feed is used to replace a feed in all current or future rations in which it is contained with another feed, e.g. with a newer stand.

The prerequisites are therefore: a previous feed in the herd, e.g. grass silage, and a second feed as the desired new stand in the rations, e.g. the new cut of grass silage.

This newer second feed in the herd can

Attention: In the fodjan App you can only use “Replace Feed” in the sense that you overwrite a feed with a feed analysis.

Replace feed in fodjan Pro – this is how it works
  1. Go to Feedstuffs > Stock.
  2. Select the button “Replace Feed” at the top.
  1. Enter the new feed and the feed to be replaced and set the date from which the feed is to be replaced. Then go to the button “Replace feed”.

For all planned rations whose feeding start date is after the replace date, the feed will be replaced in the same quantity.

For all rations that are active at the selected time, i.e. currently being fed, a new ration is created from the replacement date (contains the word “copy” in the description).

  1. You can now view your changed ration (eye symbol), replace further feed (button “Replace another feed”) or close the view.

Once you have replaced all the feed you want, you can close the view.

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