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Feedstuff ranges and stock reduction

In fodjan you can easily keep an eye on the range of your feed. For example, it shows how far your feedstuffs will last based on your planned rations. This is how it is possible:

  • plan purchases longer in advance or
  • adjust rations, e.g. in the event of an imminent shortage of a particular feedstuff, or
  • to blend one feedstuff with the next in good time.

Our new functions offers even more and also offers a reach prognosis for purchased and own feedstuffs: Contract management & reach prognosis of own feedstuffs

You can track the feedstuff range in fodjan Pro either in the overview or in the feed stock.

As mentioned above, these are the calculated ranges based on your entered quantities per feedstuff in the herd and the currently active rations. Fluctuations in real feeding are not taken into account here. It is therefore good to regularly adjust the actual quantities in your herd.

As an overview, you can already see the feedstuff ranges in the table on the stock page:

The range of a feed (also for created compound feeds) is displayed if the range is not longer than 2 years and, as already mentioned above, it is part of at least one active ration (latest feeding date that is not in the future). If this is not fulfilled, a dash is displayed instead of a date.

By clicking on a feed, you can also display the feed ranges graphically:

  1. Go to Feedstuffs > Stock in the left menu.
  2. Select the feed for which you want to track the range or click on the eye symbol of this feedstuff.
  3. A diagram appears with the course of your feed stock depending on the date. Here you can see from when the feed will no longer be in stock.

In the left menu, go to Overview. There you will see the feed ranges on the right. It will show you which feeds will be used up in the next three weeks.

Under “Feedstuff range” in the overview, there are three columns for each feed displayed:

  • left column: Name of the feed
  • middle column: Stock in tonnes of fresh matter
  • right column: Date until which feed is still sufficient

The feeds that have to be purchased in the next three weeks appear in black, all others in grey.

In the fodjan app, the feed ranges are not directly displayed to you, but your herd is automatically lowered by plan each day based on your active (planned) rations, according to the set feeding frequency per day. So it’s good to regularly adjust the actual amounts in your herd.

  1. Go to Feedstuffs in the menu below:
  1. All feeds in your stock appear with current quantities (framed in red in the example).

In both the app and fodjan Pro, you can manually adjust your stock numbers in tonnes. However, there is also an automatic stock reduction.

The automatic stock reduction usually takes place overnight and the stock of a feed is reduced by the amount in which it is used in the active rations at the set feeding frequency of the associated feed group. So if, for example, grass silage is fed in 3 rations with the current feeding date and this e.g. 2x a day 1t, 6t will be deducted from your grass silage stock at the end of the day.

Based on this, a range date per feed is also calculated.

Note: Creating a compound feed does not reduce the stock of feeds used in it. You must do this manually.

In addition to the planned feeding ranges, you can also document and evaluate real feeding data.

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