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With fodjan you can create mixed feeds, e.g. premixes or farm mixes. You can use it, for example, to reflect the mixture from a silo or the mixture for a concentrate station. How you can best work with the mixed feed function in fodjan is explained below.

You can only create compound feeds in fodjan Pro. However, you can also use the compound feeds that you have created in fodjan Pro in the app. Alternatively, you add the individual ingredients of the compound feed to your ration as individual feeds in the app.

Before you create a compound feed, check that all the ingredients of the feed mixture are included either in the fodjan feed database or, better, in your feed stock with adjusted values based on feed analyses. This not only makes it easier to click together a mixed feed, but also ensures that the ingredients of the individual feeds are correctly added together.

There are 2 options for creating a compound feed:

  • A static compound feed is created as a feed and can be used in rations. If the mixing recipe shall be changed, a new feed must be created.
  • An adaptable compound feed is created as a ration and exported from there as a compound feed. This means that it can be adapted as a ration at any time and can then be re-exported and used in rations. We recommend this option in particular if the compound feed is to be exported as a premix to the feed mixer.

With both variants: Changes to the ingredients are possible on the feed (created or exported from the ration). In all current and future rations containing the compound feed, the new compound feed with the changed ingredients appears automatically, in all other rations the archived one.

This is how you see the change to your compound feed in fodjan: The corresponding rations have a yellow bar on the left.

  • Go to Feedstuffs > Stock in the left menu.
  • Go to the button “Create compound feed” at the top.
  1. Enter the name of the individual components on the left. Here, suggestions are made directly from your stock or the feed database (barn symbol with red X).

At the top you can choose between “FM in %” and “FM in kg” to indicate the proportion of the individual feed in the mixture.

Your compound feed cannot be saved? The default setting is FM in % – if the sum does not add up to 100, the mixed feed cannot be saved. Change to kg and confirm the entered numbers again or start the mixed feed creation again and change directly to kg. Saving should then work without any problems.

  1. Below the table you can then make settings for
  • Type of feed (roughage, concentrates, mineral feed)
  • Category (e.g. compound feed, feed additives, etc.) and subcategory
  1. You can then describe the compound feed. Below this, in the description, the proportions of the individual components in the total quantity are automatically indicated.
  1. Enter the price in €/ t FM and the quantity in stock in t FM. Then click on the “Save” button at the bottom right.

Note: Creating a compound feed does not deduct the quantities used from the stock of feed contained. You still have to do this manually. More on the topic of feed ranges and stock reduction.

If you want to mix compound feed in the feed mixer, it is advisable to create it with its individual components as a ration with feeding start. It is advisable to enter a description here, e.g. “premix high performance” or similar, so that you can quickly find this mixture in the ration overview.

Once the ration has been created, click on the ration so that you get to the ration overview. Now go to the funnel icon to create a compound feed from the ration.

Select the feeds that are to be included in your ration. Then enter the name, the price and the stock of the compound feed.

Then click on “Save”. The feed is now in your stock.

You can then export this compound feed as a premix via the feed mixer interface to your feed mixer.

Exported feed from a ration as well as mixed feed have a feed range and are subject to automatic stock reduction. More about this here.

This additional module for fodjan is available for all fodjan customers with their own fodjan world. It makes it possible to create a compound feed in stock and still open and edit it directly when editing the ration. This saves time and simplifies the optimization and coordination of the ration.

unfolded compound feed while ration editing

Interested in a corporate solution from fodjan? Feel free to send an email to

Your compound feed cannot be saved?

The default setting in the column next to the feed names is the entry of fresh mass FM in % – if the sum does not add up to 100, the compound feed cannot be saved and the save button is grayed out.

  • Switch to kg and confirm the entered numbers again
  • or start the Create mixed feed again and switch directly to kg.

Then saving should work without any problems.

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