Set and change lactation phase

The lactation phase of a feed group not only helps you differentiate your feed groups, it also has a significant impact on functions such as feed health and ration suggestions. These are our tips for the lactation phases in fodjan.

You should align the lactation phase of a group according to the lactation day and according to the milk yield of the herd.

Fresh calved cows, for example, should be assigned the category “fresh milker”, in smaller herds the category “high/medium yield” is also possible.

Animals that are above the herd average in milk yield should be assigned to the “high/medium yield” category, and animals that are below should be assigned to the “low yield” category.

In the case of dry cows, if farm conditions permit, two groups should be formed depending on the upcoming calving date.

In this way, the ration can then be calculated adapted to the milk yield and the lactation phase.

According to the selected category, further entries can be made such as milk ingredients, fattening phase and daily weight gain. These inputs are important for feed health evaluation and ration optimization.

Required user rights: admin, owner, writing

  1. Go to Animal group in the left menu.
  2. Move the mouse over the feed group where you want to change the lactation phase.
  3. Click the “Edit” button.
  1. Under “Category”, you can change the lactation phase accordingly.
  1. Adjust the requirements of the feed group accordingly.
  2. Go to the “Save & Close” button.

Note: If you still want to edit the other requirements of the feed group, go to the “Save” button below. You will then be automatically redirected.

Required user rights: Edit Groups

  1. Go to Feeding in the menu below.
  1. Press and hold the desired feed group until the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons appear on the right. Click on the “Edit” button.
  1. Click in the field “Category” and select the desired category (lactation phase).

What should I consider if I want to change the lactation phase of a feed group?

In fodjan you can change the lactation phase of a feed group. For example, it can be reflected in fodjan when an entire feed group on the farm changes to a different lactation phase for example when it is dried off.

First, you should set the correct lactation phase for your animal group (see above). To assign the animals to the correct lactation phase, you can use various criteria. These include, for example, the actual lactation status (days in milk), herd performance, current milk yield of the group, persistence of the herd, body condition, etc.

Please note that for different lactation stages according to the set feeding model in fodjan different requirements are based. This means that, for example, high yield cows with the same performance are not evaluated by fodjan in the same way as low yield cows.

What does it change?

For the rations created for a feed group, a change in the lactation phase thus also means that the feed health evaluation changes. If there are then significant deviations, appropriate adjustments may have to be made in the rations or rations may have to be created again. Also check the set requirements in the feed group if these were still set for another yield.

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