Shaker box logbook documentation (fodjan app)

For farmers, feeding consultants and dairy coaches, regular monitoring of animal health, feed and ration quality is vital. An important method for assessing the ration is the shaker box method. In order to optimize this process and simplify the documentation, we have built an independent and free function into the fodjan app. This was possible by a great subsidy project of the Saxonian federal state in Germany – thanks to Feed 4.0!

And this is how it works:

You can use the function by going directly to the menu point “Reports” > “Documentation” > “Shaker Box Logbook/Documentation”. This is also your later starting page to see your shaker box test results everytime you documented it and can also go back in time by a time filter.

If you tap on “Start weighing” you can document your test and starting by choosing your sample type, chop length (optional – just for you to maybe adapt it later when chopping next), sieve type you do your test with and a field for free notes.

In the next step you can choose if you want to weigh the sieves together with their content or if you want to weight the content separately (classic method). In the non-classic method we offer to enter the sieve weights to subtract them later from the sum you weigh and document so that also just the content weighs are left for the evaluation.

In the next step, you can set your optimal target range of how much content shall stay in which sieve level. No worries: We implemented some default data for you from state-of-the-art literature. S you can start easily and adapt them later to your needs. These ranges are also saved if you adapt them but you can always go back to the default if you want.

Then the real work start with shaking and weighing the results of your shaker box test and document it here:

After finishing you get a short evaluation what you measured (here for the test it’s just 0) in gram and in % from the weigh-in and some hints below for this special feed type. Afterwards you can directly start another test or go back to the start page (see above).

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