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What is IOFC?

Note: The IOFC is only calculated in fodjan dairy cow

“IOFC” is pronounced “income over feed cost”. It is a key figure that makes it possible to always keep an eye on the profitability of your milk production.

Basics: Calculation of the IOFC

IOFC (€ ⁄ day) = milk quantity (kg ⁄ day) * milk revenue (€ ⁄ kg) – feed costs (€ ⁄ cow)

Example (data per cow):

  • Milk quantity = 40 kg / day
  • Milk price = 0.32 ct / kg
  • Feed costs = 5,50 € / day

IOFC (€ ⁄ day) = 40 (kg ⁄ day) * 0,32 (€ ⁄ kg) – 5,50 (€ ⁄ cow) = 7,30 € per animal and day

The IOFC describes the part of the revenue that is available in the business to cover further costs, e.g. labor costs, building costs, etc. The IOFC is calculated on the basis of the total revenue of the business.

Why is it worth looking at the IOFC?

The IOFC shows how well the cows convert the feed into milk. For fresh milkers, it should be in the range of 7-10 € per cow and day, in the last third of lactation at least 3-6 € per cow and day.1 Fresh milkers have a higher IOFC because they are often better able to convert feed into milk. Late lactating cows often consume too much feed in relation to their milk yield, especially concentrate, which is why the IOFC is lower here.

The indicator is used for planning and control in operations, but can also be used in operational comparisons.

1) Völker, D. (2014): IOFC: Neue Kennzahl zur Beurteilung der Futterkosten. in: Elite – Magazin für Milcherzeuger, URL: [04.01.2020]

The IOFC in fodjan Pro and the app

In fodjan Pro you will find the key figure e.g.:

  • in the overview
  • in the ration
  • in ration optimisation (example view from the ration catalogue)

In the app you will find the key figure e.g.

  • in the ration overview
  • in the ration suggestions

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