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System requirements

In the following article, we will show you which system requirements are necessary or we recommend so that you can work optimally with fodjan Pro or the app.

Operating system

Because fodjan Pro runs in the browser, it is largely independent of the operating system used. For the mobile fodjan App, it is recommended to use the current operating system for your provider. The fodjan App can only be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Hardware and software requirements

For fodjan Pro you need a PC/laptop or a tablet. The fodjan App is best used on a smartphone. It also works on the tablet, but is optimized for viewing on the smartphone.

Recommended browsers

Basically, fodjan Pro runs in all common modern browsers. Please make sure that your browser is always up to date. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge for the use of fodjan Pro.

Internet connection

An internet connection is required to use fodjan Pro. If fodjan is used on mobile internet, a stable 4G connection is recommended.

An active internet connection is also required to use the fodjan App. Only the function “Feed Now” can also be used offline. In this case, changes are saved when there is no internet connection and synchronized with the fodjan platform as soon as an internet connection is available again. Read this help article Use fodjan offline.

Necessary data volume App

Of course, you can use the app with mobile Internet. How much data volume is consumed depends on how much data the app has to load, which we will explain below using examples.

  • As an adviser, for example, you are on the road at several farms every week. If you want to make changes on site or switch between farms in the mobile network on the app, this data will be loaded accordingly via the data volume. You can save data volume here by switching to your farms to be visited in the app on the WIFI before the farm visits – this loads the current data (feed, rations, etc.). Then you can use the app offline on the road and view the rations, but not make any changes.
  • As a farmer, you may not have WIFI everywhere on the farm. However, for the “Feed Now” function in the app, you don’t need internet either. You can use this function offline and synchronize the data later when you are back on WIFI. For changes to rations or documentation, however, you need Internet access, ergo mobile internet. In a test where we processed 1 farm with 3 feed groups for 1 week with “Feed Now”, documentation and 2 changes to rations, for example, 15.8 MB data volume was consumed. The data volume arises in particular because rations are synchronized with the platform when the app is opened and your changes are also saved later via the Internet so that they are not only backed up, but all other users can also see the latest data status at any time.

Import data from other systems

It is possible to import data from other systems into fodjan via the interfaces, read more about this here.

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