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Adviser cockpit in fodjan Pro

If you use fodjan Pro as an advisor, you not only have the option of getting an overview of each individual farm on the “Overview” page. With the consultant cockpit you keep track of all your farms.

Where can I find the advisor cockpit?

Go to the very top left on the tile icon or go to advisor mode and click on advisor cockpit.

What can I see in the advisor cockpit?

In the advisor cockpit you as an advisor get an overview of the activities of your farms.

The view “Change of rations” shows how many and which ration changes are due on your farms in the next two weeks.

The animal group, the farm concerned and the date of the ration change are indicated.

  • By clicking on the farm in the column “Farm”, you will be taken directly to the “Overview” page of the farm.
  • Clicking on the date or the name of the animal group in the ration will take you directly to the ration planning page in the farm in question.

The view “Feedstuff range” shows how many and which feeds have to be purchased in the next three weeks. For each feed the following is indicated in the view:

  • Name of the feedstuff in the column “Feedstuff”.
  • Abbreviation of the farm in the “Farm” column (if you move the mouse over it, you will see the name of the farm written out in full).
  • Stock in t FM in the column with the stock symbol

Note: Feedstuffs that are currently used in a ration but are not in the stock of the farm concerned are marked accordingly in this column (barn with red X).

  • Date until when the feed suffices/has sufficed in the “By” column

By clicking on

  • the name of the feedstuff, you will be forwarded directly to the corresponding place in the feed stock of the farm and may be able to adjust the stock there.
  • on the name of the farm concerned, you will be forwarded to the “Overview” page of this farm.

On the left in the view “New feed analyses” you can see on how many farms had new feed analyses in the last 7 days. For each feed analysis, the farm concerned and the date on which the feed analysis arrived is indicated.

Note: To see the entire farm name, hold the mouse over the specific farm.

In the area below you can see two more views.

This shows how many comments have been made by other users on your farms (e.g. farmers, feeders or others) in the last seven days and how many since the last login.

You will see the following for each comment:

  • Start of text of the comment in the column “Comments”
  • The abbreviation of the farm on which the comment was made (you can see the entire name of the farm by hovering the mouse over the farm name in question).
  • Name of the user who wrote the comment (you can see the entire user name by hovering over it with the mouse)
  • Date on which the comment was made

Here you can see all your farms in the licence view. You can see, for example, how long user or farm licences are still valid by holding the mouse over the farm name (barn symbol) or user name (person symbol) in the Licensee column. You can find out more about collaboration in fodjan and the associated licences here.

In the Status column, you can see:

  • Test phase = still in the test phase
  • Subscriber = active licence on the farm
  • Locked = out of test phase, no active licence
  • Terminated = licence terminated

If your farm names are only displayed with the first letter and a long line, you have switched off the function “Show real names in cockpit” in the settings under the button “Adviser mode”.

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