The workflow of feeding – integrate fodjan into the farming process

Required: for the steps documentation and report – fodjan Pro Dairy

Have you just started with fodjan? Then we recommend that you also read the following help article on setting up your fodjan farm: First steps in fodjan: Our recommendations

fodjan supports you to get a 360° – view on the feeding:

  • From planning feedstuffs and rations in the feed groups.
  • via feeding
  • and documentation of these and other key figures relevant for you
  • up to intelligent reports with which you can determine the success of your feeding strategy and make conclusions for planning.

At the same as that, fodjan promotes collaboration between different people involved in feeding, such as for herd managers, feeders, veterinarians and advisers – all on the same platform, more about collaboration here.

In the following article, we would like to introduce you to the workflow of feeding with fodjan, as many of our users have integrated it into their farm processes. The scope of usable functions depends on your product package. Nevertheless, the 360° approach is included in every package.

fodjan can support you at several points in the ration planning process:

  • Collaborative work on feedstuffs, feed groups and rations. More about collaboration and assignment of user rights on your fodjan farm.

When you have created and planned your rations, fodjan also supports you with the feeding itself. There are various options for this:

fodjan App in English

Continue to use data in fodjan at once:

If you use “Feed Now” or the feed mixing technology interface, your real data from the feeding comes automatically or via re-import directly into your documentation (see next step).

Via the documentation in fodjan it is possible to document data in the following categories:

Documentation is possible in Pro and App. The data are either automatically read from the “Feed Now” data or the feed mixing technology interface, or they are taken from manual documentation.

A part of reports is then automatically generated from the documentation.

The reports in fodjan come from the documentation or the imports, more about this here. In principle, you can have a look at reports in the app (Premium or incl. with fodjan Pro) as well as in fodjan Pro.

Via the reports you can see how good your feeding currently is or where there is still potential for improvement, e.g.:

On this basis, you can then make conclusions for your feeding strategy and make adjustments if necessary. This closes the circle to planning.

To learn more about the practical use of fodjan, read the experiences of our customers here.

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