Advised farmer license

This licence can only be granted by consultants.

The “Advised farmer” licences are an exclusive benefit for farmers who work with their advisors in fodjan. It includes a set of rights adapted to the practice and lower prices than the full farmer licence – there is a free and an extended low-cost advised farmer licence (limited):

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All questions answered:

How do you issue a “Advised farmer” licence?

These licences can only be issued by feed advisors. To do this, go to the corresponding farm in the web version in the menu under Administration > farm.

  1. Has the farmer not yet been invited to the farm? > Click on the “Add user” button at the top right.
  2. Is the farmer already a co-user on the farm? Then he/she will be displayed as a user in the top right-hand corner and you can remove him/her by clicking on the red icon in the corresponding line ⛔ and then add him/her again with other rights using the “Add user” button (top right). Please note that you should then leave the “Allow user to set their own password” box ticked, as the user most likely already has a password.

Licence issued – What does this mean now for the farmer?

  1. If he/she is a new user, he/she will now receive an e-mail from fodjan (please also check your spam folder). It contains a link to confirm the e-mail address and set a password. The e-mail will automatically direct the farmer to do this. The invited person can now log in to fodjan with the set login data.
  2. If he or she was already a co-user, no notification e-mail will be sent. Make sure that the user logs out and logs in again if necessary so that the new rights take effect. The “Forgot password?” function on the login page can also be used to quickly resolve the problem of a forgotten password.

You can read more about how to add users in general and edit user rights here.

Test period and payment?

All free licences do not require a trial period.

As usual, there is a 4-week trial period in fodjan for the fee-based Advised farmer (limited) licence. If the farmer logs in after the 4 weeks, a window appears that indicates the expiry of the trial period. The licence assigned by the advisor can then be booked or downgraded to a lower licence. For example, the farmer now can book a limited licence (click on it to open a booking form where you can enter your payment details) or change his mind and opt for the free advised farmer licence or the reading licence.

Tip: It is therefore advisable to always assign the highest possible licence that you would give your customer as an advisor and then let them decide for themselves what they want to book after the trial period.

The farmer then pays via fodjan annually (2 months discount compared to monthly payment) or monthly.

Edit user rights

User rights can be edited at any time. Find out more here.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more about the co-earning bonus for advisors, do you want to cover the farmer licence costs for your customers or do you have questions about the “Advised Farmer” licences?

Please feel free to contact our support team:

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