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Copy feedstuff

Required: fodjan Pro

On this page you will find instructions on how to copy already existing feedstuffs within your stock. This helps you especially in tracking changes in the feedstuffs, such as when you want to adjust values such as dry matter manually and not simply overwrite them or, for example, start a new feed cut. An alternative possibility is also the tracking in the archive of feedstuffs.

  1. Select the menu item Feedstuffs > Stock.
  2. Select the existing feedstuff you want to duplicate, click on it or click on the eye symbol
  3. You see now the feedstuff view and can tap on the copy icon.
  1. The copy of your feedstuff is now in your stock and is accordingly labelled with the name suffix “Copy” and can be renamed at any time.
  2. Of course, you then also have the option to further edit, delete or print the feedstuff – see also Edit feedstuffs and Archive and delete feedstuffs.

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