Export compound feed to feed mixing technology

In fodjan, you can also export a compound feed to the feed mixing technology if, for example, you want to mix a premix first.


You can

  • integrate a compound feed in an existing feed group
  • or if you feed several groups with it, create a separate “auxiliary” feed group (recommended). In this separate feed group, you do not need to enter any special basic data, because if it is used only for the compound feed, it will not be considered individually in the feed health or ration optimization, but then the total rations in the other real feed groups.

Then create a ration for this feed group with the single components of the compound feed and then create the compound feed from the ration, read also here in Option 2.

Export of compound feed to feed mixing technology

Do you now want to export the compound feed to the feed mixing technology,

  • go to the ration from which you created the compound feed.
  • You can then export this, like any other ration, to the feed mixing technology via the feed mixing technology icon, read also here: Use the feed mixing technology interface.

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