Export, print and share rations

With the possibility to print and share rations, they can be passed on easily and quickly. In addition, you also have the option of sharing rations in digital format and thus saving paper, e.g. when printing out for the feeder.

Note: The printouts in fodjan differ from the ration exports. The exports concern the feed mixing technique, read also Use feed mixing technique interface.

You can print rations under Rations > Overview either

  • directly in the ration (printer symbol)
  • or via the button above (“Overview PDF”) or create a PDF – more on this in the following.

The following printouts can be created:

  • Overview PDF
  • Farmer PDFs (recipe, evaluation, ration comparison)
  • Adviser PDFs (recipe, evaluation, ration comparison)

Note: Adviser PDFs and farmer PDFs do not differ in the contents displayed. In the case of adviser PDFs, the relevant farm and the address line of the adviser are only additionally indicated on the first page. For farmers, the advisor PDFs are not visible.

  1. In the ration overview, go to the top right of the whole page and click on the button “Overview PDF”.
  2. A PDF will be created for you. This shows all active rations of all groups side by side, including the recipe of the ration and the ingredient information.

The recipe is a printout on which appears the amount of each ration component to be used in a feeding (taking into account residual feed, concentrate stations and basic feed displacement). The printout can be given to the feeder, for example, so that he weighs in the correct amounts for each component at each feeding.

Recommendation: Select fresh matter in the ration before going to the printer icon and selecting Recipe.

  1. Go to Recipe under Farmer or Adviser PDFs. (as mentioned above)
  2. A PDF will be created. The recipe per feeding appears on the first page. The last column indicates the amount of each component that actually needs to be weighed in.

The evaluation enables a nutritional assessment of the ration based on the nutrients.

  1. Go to Evaluation under Farmer or Adviser PDFs.
  2. A PDF will be created. Here you can find the evaluation of the individual nutrients. The values of the feed model or the limit values adapted by you are used as limits here. More about this here: Edit ingredient requirements per feed group

The displayed ingredients correspond to those in the ration. You can find out how to adjust them here.

When comparing rations, two rations can be compared. In this way, advantages and disadvantages as well as differences, both from an economic and nutritional point of view, become visible.

  1. Go to Ration comparison under Farmer or Advisor PDFs.
  2. Select the ration with which you want to compare the current ration.

Converting a ration from fodjan to Excel is super easy with these steps:


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In the app you can share rations with others or save them on your mobile device. This way you can quickly show others your rations or ration changes.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Feeding in the bottom menu.
  1. Select the desired feed group.
  2. Select the desired ration in the feed group.
  3. In the ration overview, go to “Share ration” on the right.

You can now select whether you want to divide the information of the ration in fresh matter (FM) or dry matter (DM).

Select with whom you want to share the ration or select the storage location on your mobile device.

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