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What is „Milk yield per ration”?

Required: fodjan App or Pro Dairy

The milk yield value in fodjan indicates the milk yield that can theoretically be achieved with the present ration based on the formula stored in your feed model (see below for more on the calculation).

Attention: Since the conversion of the ingredients in the ration by the cow often does not always run equally and 100% optimally (planned vs. loaded vs. unloaded vs. eaten vs. digested ration), a smaller quantity of milk may be milked than calculated in fodjan. In this case, organisational aspects of feeding should also be taken into account in order to get closer to the ideal value estimated/calculated by fodjan (for more on the calculation see below).

For each ration you create, a value “Milk yield per ration” is displayed in fodjan Pro, e.g. in the ration overview.

The theoretical milk quantities from energy and protein are also displayed in the app. These can be found in the “Overview” view of the corresponding ration.

In addition, the amount of milk from energy and from protein is calculated, i.e. the theoretically achievable amount of milk with the amount of protein or energy in the ration.

The total value for “milk yield per ration” is always the smaller (limiting) value, depending on whether protein or energy are limiting!

In the standard fodjan model, e.g. for Germany, the calculated milk values are based on the recommendations of the Society for Nutritional Physiology (GfE) (2001). In this way, we want to make a scientific basic model available to everyone free of charge. In our business solutions, such formulas and other functions can be individualised in fodjan.

For the German model e.g. in “milk from protein”, however, NO safety margin of 5% is taken into account, as you are used to from other ration calculation programmes. As a result, the calculated milk value with fodjan is usually higher than with other programmes. Since this safety margin is usually automatically built into the ration by feeding advisors, it should not also be included in the fodjan standard model and thus be present twice. This is to prevent an unjustified increase in the protein used and thus possibly expensive additional purchase decisions of feedstuffs in the protein area in order to increase the milk yield. In the standard version of fodjan, the user should decide on the protein use himself and see what is theoretically possible without a built-in buffer.

See below to also maintain important calculation values in your fodjan programme.

The milk forecast in fodjan is only as good as the entered values in feed group, feeds and ration match reality.

To increase the accuracy of the forecast, please pay particular attention to the maintenance of the following values:

  • From the feedstuffs used in the ration:
    • Amount of dry matter of the ration (therefore please maintain the dry matter values of the feedstuffs in stock).
    • NEL and usable raw protein from the ration (therefore please maintain the ingredient values of the feedstuffs in stock or use our laboratory interfaces under Administration -> Interfaces to have feed analyses transferred to fodjan)
  • In the feeding group settings:
    • ⌀ Live weight (here the standard value e.g. for the category high and low provider is 660kg – we recommend an increase to 700kg pro forma for the accuracy of the maintenance requirement).
    • Milk fat and protein (used for both milk from energy and protein)
    • Milk yield and feed intake in dry matter (used for both milk from energy and from protein)

If the milk yield range stored in the feed group is undercut or exceeded, the number turns red. Go to the feed group settings and adjust the milk yield value accordingly.

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