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What is „Milk yield per ration”?

Required: fodjan App or Pro Dairy

For each ration you create, a value “Milk yield per ration” is displayed in fodjan Pro, e.g. in the ration overview.

This value indicates the milk yield that can theoretically be obtained with this ration. Because the transformation of the ingredients in the ration by the cow often does not perform optimally (e.g. due to unfavorable environmental conditions), a smaller amount of milk may be milked than calculated in fodjan.

In addition, the milk yield from energy and from protein is calculated, i.e. the theoretically achievable milk yield with this amount of protein or energy in the ration (indicated as “PROT 39.5” in the picture above). As total value for “Milk yield per ration” always the smaller (limiting) value is given, depending on whether protein or energy are limiting.

The theoretical milk yields from energy and protein are also displayed in the app. These can be found in the “Overview” view of the corresponding ration.

The values are calculated on the basis of the recommendations of the German “Gesellschaft für Ernährungsphysiologie” (GfE, 2001), in english: Society for Nutritional Physiology. For “milk from protein”, an additional safety margin of 5 % is taken into account.

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