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With the page Overview in the menu item Rations you have an overview of all created rations and can directly view, edit or export them and of course also create new ones.

To do this, go to Rations > Overview in the left-hand menu.

Structure of the page

The page shows you all your feed groups. Click on the corresponding line to see all rations that have been created for this feed group.

The button bar at the top right

You can then see three buttons at the top of the page:

  • Button “Enter ration manually”: This button takes you to the manual entry of rations, read more here.
  • Button “Export rations”: This button allows you to export all current rations for feed mixing, more here.
  • Button “Overview PDF”: With this button you can create an overview PDF which shows all your current rations of all groups side by side, more here.

In the feed group

At the top of the feed group there are three more buttons:

  • “Enter ration manually” button: This button allows you to enter a ration for this feed group.
  • Button “Assistant”: This button takes you to the fodjan Pro assistant to adjust your ration and to receive ration suggestions.
  • Button “Ration catalogue”: This button takes you to the ration catalogue, which supports you in finding new rations and optimising rations.

In the ration

All rations of the feed group are listed below. They are sorted according to the date of creation (left column).

  • The current ration is marked in colour.
  • All former rations are listed below.
  • For rations that are only planned, no date is entered in the column “Start of feeding”.

For the meaning of the coloured bars on the left of the rations, please read the following articles:

On the right of each ration you will see the following symbols:

  • The pencil symbol takes you to the editing view of the rations, more on this in the following articles: Create, edit, delete rations and change mixing order.
  • Via the bin symbol you can delete the corresponding ration, more about this here.
  • Via the eye symbol you can view your rations.

At the top left of the ration you can then switch between the following views:

  • Overview: Ration overview with quantities (per day and per feeding).
  • Ration sheet: Overview of ingredients in the ration (individual components and total)
  • Feed health: see here.
  • Minerals: Overview of bulk elements, trace elements and vitamins in the ration.
  • Comments: read here.

For the meaning of the symbols at the top right, also read the following help articles:

On the left under each ration you see the following representation:

For the meaning of this representation, read here.

On the right under each ration, the DM content, cost per animal & day, cost per kg milk and IOFC per animal & day are indicated.

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