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How to test fodjan for free

We are pleased that you are interested in our fodjan feeding management platform. Here you can learn how the setup of fodjan works and how you can get 4 weeks of free versatile insights into fodjan Pro and the fodjan App.

By accessing fodjan online through our website ( or in the fodjan App through your Appstore, you do not need an installation CD or downloading a file.

  • The fodjan App is free of charge for an unlimited time. The fodjan App runs best on a smartphone and can be downloaded from the Appstore for Android and iOS.
  • The App Premium cannot be tested, except in connection with fodjan Pro. However, some functions have a demo preview, such as the reports, so that you also get a good impression of the premium functions of the app. In addition, you can book the App Premium on a monthly basis, test it and cancel it again if you don’t like it by sending a request to our support.
  • If you are new at fodjan, you can fully test fodjan Pro via our website during the trial period with all features of fodjan Pro including the fodjan App. We recommend using fodjan Pro on your PC or tablet.

An overview of the functional differences of fodjan App free, fodjan App Premium and fodjan Pro (incl. fodjan App Premium) can be found here. You can find help in deciding which package is right for you here.

You want to switch or upgrade between the product packages? Find out more here.

Note that you can use your login data with both fodjan Pro and the fodjan App.

For more information on the technical requirements for using fodjan, see our help article System requirements.

Start the registration process by clicking on the button “Start now for free” on our homepage

After the product selection (Pro or App) and the account selection as farmer or adviser you only have to accept the registration link in your email inbox, assign a password and you can start testing.

You can view the current test period of fodjan Pro at any time under Administration > Farm at the bottom left in the field Licenses. There you will find your registration date as well as the specific date of the end of the test phase.

The free test version ends automatically for fodjan Pro after 4 weeks. There is no automatic subscription. A separate cancellation is therefore not necessary.

After expiration of the test phase, you have the possibility to book a fodjan license – see also the help article Book fodjan license. As assistance for the entrance and mechanism of fodjan serves our article First steps in fodjan: Our recommendations.

The data entered so far can still be used after the end of the test phase and will not be deleted. Even if the license is not purchased directly after the test phase, your data will not be lost. So you still have – after the end of the test phase – the possibility to log in into fodjan Pro to book a license and to continue using fodjan.

You can download the fodjan App easily and for free via the Appstore of your smartphone.

By the way, App Free licenses have no test phase, they keep their validity endlessly, so you have no time pressure to test our app.

After downloading and opening the fodjan App Free, you have the option to create a new farm on the start page via the “Start now” button. Follow the steps to set up and then confirm your registration with the email in your email inbox.


If there is already a farm that you have set up via fodjan Pro, you only need to log in with the existing login data via “Login here” and do not need to perform a separate setup via the app, as the data will then be automatically synchronized with the data saved in fodjan Pro.

In case, for example, you want to create another new farm (i.e., in addition to the farm already created in fodjan Pro), then you can also trigger this via the “Start now” button. However, you should pay attention to a clear naming of the farms, so that you have a clear difference when switching between the farms, more about this here.

We wish you much joy and success while testing fodjan!

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