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Which fodjan package is right for me?

Here we are happy to help you decide on the right fodjan package for your use cases. Once you have decided at the end of the article, you can find out how to test fodjan for free here.

A little help in deciding

Here you will first find a few decision criteria. This is only a recommendation. You will find more detailed information on the individual product packages and possible usage scenarios in the sections below.

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An overview of the functional differences

…of our product packages and all prices can be found here.

The most common use cases

Our farmers use fodjan in very different ways because fodjan is flexibly adaptable in many points to your farm and your processes, employees and other people with whom you work together on feeding.

Here you will find further articles and pages:

An overview of our product packages and all prices can be found here.

As a feeding advisor or feed dealer or even as a consulting veterinarian, you look after several farms at the same time, possibly also of different animal species. For this purpose, fodjan offers you a good overview with a consultant cockpit, where new feed residues have been received, where feed will soon run out and much more.

With a flexible assignment of user rights, you can work together with your clients on the feeding and have a view of the daily happenings and results through the documentation of your clients and functions such as the milk report evaluation.

Here you will find further articles and pages:

Your use case is not included?

Feel free to contact our support.

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