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Interfaces in fodjan – Overview

Closing the loop: Feeding 360°

In fodjan you can use various interfaces. This saves paperwork, reduces time-consuming manual entries and makes it easy to keep the values up to date. The interfaces therefore help you to close the loop from ration calculation to feeding to documentation and evaluation and the conclusions to planning and to improve your feeding.

Laboratory interface

With the laboratory interface set up, feed analyses can be automatically imported into fodjan and used as feed in rations. More about the laboratory interface here. The laboratory interfaces are available for all animal species.

Feed Mixing Technology Interface

With the feed mixer interface set up, rations can be exported to the feed mixer and the quantities actually fed and other information from the feed mixer can be imported back into fodjan and transferred to the documentation or displayed for evaluation. More about the feed mixer interface here. This interface is available for all animal species.

Milk Report

Milk reports can be automatically imported into fodjan via this interface. More about this here. The interface is only available for dairy cattle.

Milk quality

Your milk quality test can be read into fodjan via this interface. In the evaluation you thus keep an overview of the milk yield parameters. This interface is only available for dairy cattle.

Milking robot & AMS interface

The interface for the manual import of data from milking robots and systems or also called AMS (automatic milking systems) also opens up the AMS report in the evaluations, which shows current animal data, milk yield and quality.

Multiple users on a fodjan farm

In fodjan, the cooperation between feeding adviser, farmer, feeder and other parties involved in feeding can also be facilitated. More here

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