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Manage several animal species

To manage several animal species optimally in fodjan, you basically need a adviser license – however, there is also an option for farmers (see below).

As an adviser

With an adviser license you can create and work on several farms on the animal species Dairy, Beef Cattle and Fattening Pigs.

How farms can be created, you can learn here.

More about the collaboration in fodjan here.

As a farmer

In principle, it is also possible to manage multiple animal species with one farmer license. However, farmer accounts in fodjan have only one animal type (e.g. Dairy). As a user you can then also create rations for other animal types (e.g. beef cattle) – since the basic functionality – creating and sharing rations does not depend on the animal species. However, it should be noted that functions such as feed health evaluation or ration optimization can only be used meaningfully for the primary animal type of the farm.

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