Pre-planning rations – “Planning” page in fodjan Pro

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In fodjan you can pre-plan rations, i.e. create rations whose feeding start date is in the future. The “Planning” page in fodjan Pro can then give you an overview of all rations with a feeding start date. To do this, go to Rations > Scheduling in the left menu.

On the “Scheduling” page you can now see the ration calendar. On the left, the feed groups are listed one below the other.

The 14-day period from the current date is shown at the top. You can use the arrow symbols to the left and right to select the previous or subsequent 14-day period. By clicking in the date field, you can enter a start date for any 14-day period you want to view.

The calendar shows the individual rations in the different feed groups that are planned for the next 14 days. On the far left in the column “Current” the current rations of the feed group are indicated.

If you move the mouse over one of the rations, the ration is displayed with kg DM and kg FM.

If you click on a ration, you can view the detailed views of the ration (overview, ration sheet, feed health, minerals, comments).

If you click in an empty field where there is no ration yet, you can enter a ration.

  • Clicking on “Calculate ration” takes you to the ration catalogue where you can create a new ration – completely new or optimise an existing one.
  • Via “Enter ration manually” you can enter a ration manually.
  • Via “Select saved ration” you can select a saved ration (without feeding start) of the feed group and now schedule it.

On the “Scheduling” page you can also see the feed usage in kg/day. To do this, either fold in the ration calendar at the top right via the arrow symbol or scroll down.

At the top right you can select whether you want to display the feed consumption in fresh matter (FM) or dry matter (DM).

At the top your feed groups are listed and on the left at the categories (basic feed, concentrated feed, mineral feed) basic feed and concentrated feed are automatically selected. You can select and deselect categories by clicking on them.

The categories that are currently selected are highlighted in grey and marked with a green underline. In the picture above, this means basic feed and concentrated feed.

At the top you can select the date for which you want to display the feed consumption, either by using the arrow symbols or by clicking in the date field.

The feeds are listed one below the other, separated by basic ration and feeding station.

For each feed there is a dot/circle and a number indicating the consumption in the individual feed groups. The illustration shows how the feed distribution would change if a cow were to pass through the lactation stages of your groups one after the other.

Points thus appear in red if they show a correspondingly large deviation from the previous point (at least 2kg) as well as from the average, in order to warn you against excessive feed changes during transitions.

At the top of the “Scheduling” page there are more buttons.

Button “Enter ration manually

With this button you can select a feed group for which you want to enter a ration.

Button “Export rations

With this button you can export all current rations to your fodder mixing technique if you use the feed mixing technique interface.

Button “Overview PDF

With this button you can download an overview PDF of all current rations of all feed groups on a certain date.

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