Why entering feedstuff prices? – Cost ratios in fodjan

In addition to the health evaluation of feeding, you can also use fodjan to keep an eye on the economy of feeding.

In fodjan, you should therefore enter the feedstuff price for each feedstuff that you include in the stock. In this way, various economic parameters (e.g., cost of ration or IOFC) can be calculated automatically for the rations and are available to you for viewing the cost situation of your feeding.

If you select a feed group in fodjan Pro under Rations > Overview, the costs per animal & day for the individual rations are given for each ration under “Costs”.

These are also displayed to you, for example, in the ration calendar on the “Scheduling” page.

If you now select a ration, the following values will be displayed at the bottom right under the table:

Note: To ensure that the actual values for your farm are displayed here, you should have entered the milk price into the farm settings.

Also, in the fodjan App the cost per animal & day as well as the IOFC per animal & day are shown in the overview of the ration.

In addition, feeding can also be evaluated from an economic point of view (Feed costs) in the feed controlling. Also, for this the input of the feedstuff prices is necessary. Feed controlling in fodjan Pro:

It is also necessary to enter the feedstuff prices if, for example, you want to optimize your ration according to economic parameters (ration costs, IOFC) or if you want to have ration suggestions displayed. Read more about this also here.

Ration suggestions in the Assistant in fodjan Pro:

Ration suggestions in the fodjan App:

Ration catalog in fodjan Pro:

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