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Help: I cannot log in

The fact that you cannot log in to fodjan can have various causes. Here we have provided a checklist that you should check to rule out login problems on the part of your device or account.

This also helps us if you contact the support, because then we can already localize the problem and assist you, should the problem have a technical cause on our side.

Checklist for login problems

1. Use “Forgot password?”

Go to “Forgot password?” at the bottom right of the login page and follow the instructions that will be sent to you via email.

On the login page of the app, you can set a new password in case you forgot yours:

2. If you have entered your password incorrectly too many times, fodjan will lock your account for a short time (you will be shown). After that try it again and go back to step 1.

If you are new to fodjan Pro:

3. Have you received the registration verification email and have you verified your registration according to the instructions?

Other checkpoints:

4. Check internet connection

5. Close the browser or app and open it again

6. Only for fodjan Pro in the browser: Reload the login page with the following key combination: Ctrl + F5

7. Only for fodjan Pro in the browser: Check if the problem also occurs in another browser (feel free to try Mozilla Firefox and Chrome)

8. Check if your browser(s) or your app are up to date and update them if necessary (More about the system requirements)

9. Only for fodjan Pro in the browser: Delete browsing history and cookies, if necessary closebrowser again and open it again.

10. If you still can’t log in after that, contact the support ( and tell us thefollowing in the e-mail:

  • Have you been able to log in successfully before or are you new to fodjan Pro?
  • Did you have a fodjan account with the same email address before?
  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Does an error message appear and if so, how does it read?
  • Your check results from the above checklist (which browser, app version do you use)
  • What operating system do you use?
  • Your mail address with which you wanted to log in to fodjan

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