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Jagged graph in feed controlling – what to do?

Required: fodjan per dairy cow

In the following article we want to show you what you can do if you get a very jagged graph displayed in the feed controlling or only single points.

Please check first…

whether the graph has all the necessary data available. In every report view in feed controlling, you will find an info field at the bottom right under the setting options, which data is necessarily included in the graph and which is optionally taken into account.

Inconsistencies in feeding

This can occur especially in smaller farms with different feeding frequencies or quantities of feed. The following can then happen in feeding controlling:

  • If different amounts are fed per day, then the graph may appear jagged. Here is an example view when feeding unequal amounts per day:
  • If feeding is not done equally often, e.g. only every two days for certain groups or on weekends. Here is an example view of feeding every two days:

Note: We also recommend our help article special cases in feeding in this context.

What can you do?

You can combine several days in such a case. To do this, you can move the slider to the right and left in the settings under “Aggregation [Days]” and thus set how many days you want to combine. You can summarise 1-6 days.

This allows you to smooth the graph. The example above with feeding every two days would then result in the following graph (summary 2 days):

Such smoothing of the graph or summarising of days is possible for all evaluations in feeding controlling (feed intake, feed costs, feed efficiency, nitrogen and methane).

For some parameters it even makes sense, as the tendencies and rather less the small fluctuations between the individual days are decisive, e.g. for the economic parameters (feed costs).

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