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Overview: Reports in fodjan

The reports in fodjan supplement the planning view of your feeds, feed groups and rations with reports on the real data of your farm – in line with our “feeding 360° approach”. This allows you to keep an eye on the actual and the target, to sustainably pursue your farm goals and to make adjustments to the planning on the basis of the findings from the reports.

Documentation – the basis of many reports

Documentation is not only a good tool for tracking certain key figures, but also feeds some of the reports, such as feeding controlling. You can get an overview of the functions of manual and automatic documentation with fodjan Pro and App here.

Mixing accuracy and feed consumption

Available for: fodjan Pro, fodjan Premium App

The evaluation for mixing accuracy shows you the feed consumption of each feed in each feed group from the real feeding and the deviation from the planned quantities in the ration. In the fodjan App there is also an extra feed consumption evaluation.

Feed controlling

Available for: fodjan Pro

In the feeding controlling, feed intake, feed efficiency, feed costs, nitrogen and methane are graphically displayed and evaluated, partly also in relation to milk yield. In addition, fodjan Pro users can display and evaluate the feed intake over time in the fodjan app. In addition, the app gives warnings by push notification in case of deviations of more than 10%.

You can find more information on feeding controlling here.

Milk Report

Available for: fodjan Pro, fodjan Premium App

In fodjan you can display your milk report data in clear graphics. This allows you to view the development of your milk parameters in connection with feeding and, for example, filter by specific lactation periods to see supply deficiencies or surpluses at a glance.

You can find more information about the milk report here:

Milk quality

Available for: fodjan Pro

With the import of your milk quality data you get an overview of the different tested parameters and can compare them clearly over time.

You can find more information about milk quality in the following articles:

Milking robot data in the AMS (automatic milking systems) report

Available for: fodjan Pro

The interface for the manual import of data from milking robots and systems or also called AMS (automatic milking systems) also opens up the AMS report in the evaluations, which shows current animal data, milk yield and quality.

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