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All imports/uploads at a glance

Required: fodjan Pro | User rights: owner or admin

On the “Imported Files” page (also called data centre / data center) in fodjan Pro you keep an overview of the files that you have imported into fodjan via the interfaces, e.g., manually or automatically.

Go to Administration > Interfaces in the left menu. Click the “View imported files” button in the upper right corner.

In addition, the notifications in the notification bell will also take you to this page:

Default: On the left side you see a list with all your manually or automatically via the interfaces imported files of the last 6 months. At the top you can see the last date when you uploaded a file.

On the left you can see what kind of file (Milk report, Feeding data, Other) it is.

Right next to it, the time of upload, file name and file format are listed.

On the far right you can see the processing status.

Black arrow icon when import is still being processed

Green checkmark icon when import is successful

Red exclamation mark icon for failed import with corresponding error message

In addition, the date and time of processing the import and the status of the file are specified, for example, like this:

With the arrow symbol, as shown in the example in line 2, you can navigate to the corresponding report, for example.

Filter options:

On the right, you can make various filter settings. Via the green button you can show or hide the filter settings.

Automatically the setting “All files of the last 6 months” is selected here.  However, you can also select the following quick settings:

Or you can go to the custom settings below. Here you can filter even more specifically:

  • By period
  • By file type (“Feeding data”, “Milk report” and “Other”)
  • By processing status (“Successful”, “Failed” and “Unprocessed”)
  • By source (“Upload”, “Email”, and “Other” (other automatic interfaces))

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